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Pakistan on way to become a digital country

Pakistan is a developing country and wants to progress in every field and one of them include The digital world as everything is going to take a change and also the world preference and thus every country require its fronts to be best and the present demands Pakistan to be digitally stable.

Tania  Aidrus Senior Google female executive resigned just to lead Pakistan’s digitization initiative and the government want her to lead the path so Pakistan is not left behind and thus Pakistan has ability to produce products mainly technology based.

Coclusion: Pakistan at current time is not a top level Digital country but there not far the day when it would be called Digital Pakistan and known in the world for its technology but there is always room for improvement and improvement in such fields never stop as new technologies are developed every day and it is almost impossible to compete with them but the Question to be asked is Tania Aidrus a beacon of light in this time? Digitization not only stables the countries infrastructure but also help it economically.

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