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Prevention of pimples!

Prevention of pimples

Pimples commonly called acne appear on overactivity of oil glands (in skin), inflammation of the pores and bacterial contamination (usually). They can usually be seen on face and activated by androgen hormones and genetics. So, overall retardation is impossible but can be reduced within acceptable severity level.

The pimple formation/spread can be checked by adopting following 14 preventive measures:

1-Proper face washing (twice daily using warm water)

2-Knowledge of skin type (whether oily or combination of dry and oily patches)

3-Use of skin moisturizer (as per skin type)

4- Medication (as per skin type to avoid any adverse outcomes)

5-Water intake (plenty to stay hydrated)

6-Limited makeup

7-Avoid touching the face (to avid microbial contamination on scratches)

8-Limit sun shine (as it dehydrates the skin and promotes pimples)

9-Don’t be a pimple popper (worsens the pimple problem)

10-Take tea tree oil – a folk remedy

11-Antibiotic usage (with care for contamination’s)

12-Application of French green clay (to draw out impurities, reduce inflammation, and absorb excess oil)

13-Food (Avoid junk food, chips, baked goods, and soft drinks)

14-Mental stress (Go for meditation, jogging, massage, and/or aromatherapy)

Conclusion: No matter what is the condition of your skin it does not matter until your soul is beautiful.

PEACE: Irtiza Qasim

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