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4 changes FC Barcelona fans want!!!!!!

Barcelona is going through a rough patch but that doesn’t mean it will last forever but the present situation isn’t the most comfortable for the fans. Fans showed some steps the board has taken. We will talk bout some of them in this post hope you agree. NOTE: THIS ONLY THE OPINION OF THE FANS. THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS FACT WE SHOULD RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE OPINIONS.

Transfer tactic; some fans are not happy with the recent transfers. that they have signed more attacking players than defending which leaves Barcelona vulnerable at defense furthermore they say it has affected the players who were transferred  too because they have not been able to settle in and some big names are losing footballing days in Barcelona,

 1 No to Barcelona B: La Masia is one of the most appreciated academies in the world it produced a lot of gems like Messi and many more fans want to see the raw talent more and would like to see the emerging players take on the pitch.

2 Coaching problem: if a club selects a coach it means they have trust in but if you change coach in the middle of the season it means you were not sure yourself let us see some braveness from the club said one angry fan.




3 Too late: some fans said the change Barcelona is going through right now is nice to see but it should have happened a long ago. Now the change will be drastic and sudden and the process should have been taken step by step like other clubs.

4 Messi leaving: some fans showed their emotion and told us what they think about the Messi leaving the club some of them said we think he has given everything he could but the club couldn’t return the favor and wants best for his club. some just accused the board straight on and said they want the change. Some said he is giving the sign that he wants to change and is unhappy with the present situation and leaving is his final choice not first.

Conclusion: what do you think about the present situation give us your opinion in the comments.


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