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Analysis of Youtube rewinds (2010-19)

Analysis of YOUTUBE rewinds (2010 – 19)

2010 : Youtube rewind was not always like this. Well… was also top ten. While remained under experimentation as it was the first rewind that was aired.

Views : 5.8 Million

Likes : 74 Thousand

Dislikes : 5.6 Thousand

2011 :  Guess what it was also a top ten with some clips of most watched videos from 2011

Views : 11.8 Million
Likes : 110 Thousand
Dislikes : 89 Thousand

2012 :  It was the pioneer year Youtube started to invest in rewind with some high budget and started to show some creativity over all it was a start for a new genera of youtube rewind

Views :192.4 Million
Dislikes : 86 Thousand

2013 : Youtube followed the last years scheme and made another sketch type video starring

different youtubers whom to mention include Pewdiepie all in all it caught viewers attention

Views : 134.3 Million
Likes : 1.5 Million
Dislikes : 83 Thousand

2014 : Till now YOUTUBE had understood what people like and what they want to see and so continued to follow the same method

Views: 132.9 Million
Likes : 1.6 Million
Dislikes : 81 Thousand

2015 : Youtube 2015 was another do over of the rewind 2014 with now changing some songs and adding other youtubers

Views : 235.6 Million
Likes : 3.8 Million
Dislikes : 560 Thousand

2016 : This was the first rewind starred an actor which was Dewayne Johnson

Views : 235 Million
Likes : 3.8 Million
Dislikes : 560 Thousand

2017 : This year youtube included some trends from 2017 including Fidget spinner and Floor is lava

Views : 230 Million
Likes : 4.4 Million
Dislikes : 2.2 Million

2018 : The moment you all have been waiting for the Youtube rewind 2018 this rewind did not do well as its other siblings mainly because the other rewind had created such a high level which was hard to overcome and peoples expectations with this rewind were high and……it was also a complete cringe fest.

2019 : Like with the first youtube rewind Youtube had no idea what to do which resulted them to make a top ten video for two years. This year too with the last years collapse they had no idea what to do so they again made an another top ten video with different categories.






Conclusion: Though it had not been an easy journey for youtube  with respect to youtube rewind as trends change each year and it is hard to keep up with it but there is always room for improvement and so can rewind improve lets just hope next year rewind turns out good. And also I want to thank myself  because I had to watch the youtube rewind  2018 again and one thing I can tell you it was not so easy.









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  1. Nice going young man.👍The conclusion part was showing your dedication towards your work. Stay Blessed Ameen

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