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Are Energy Drinks Bad For You !

Energy Drinks are definitely injurious to your health because of the excessive ingredients in it.The energy drink market is huge. In 2016, it was valued at $43 billion globally and $12 billion just in the United States, where it is expected to nearly double by 2025.

Between 2007 and 2017, population surveys reported that 58% of young Canadians, 53% of military personnel around the globe.51% of college students,and 35% of New Zealand youngster consumed energy drinks. In other words, a good chunk of the young population.

So what makes energy drinks so popular among the young? The simple desire for an energy boost is a major factor, of course energy drinks have become the coffee of a new generation, thanks to successful marketing campaigns resultant sheer pressure. Other factors include availability, cost, and taste. Negative health effects seem a common experience but a small discouragement.

Following are the Ingredients that are involved in Energy Drinks :


The dangers associated with energy drinks are getting a lot of bad impact because of the absolute volume of energy stimulating products in the marketplace.
Because of this we are seeing increased incidents of those 18 and younger having dangerous side effects from consuming too many energy drinks at one time. We are also seeing health result from consuming too many energy drinks daily over an extended period of time.

Some Possible Dangers of Consuming Energy Drinks :

Headaches and Migraines –

Too much energy drinks can lead to severe headaches from the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Changing the amount of caffeine you took daily can cause more frequent headaches.

Increased Anxiety –

Too much consuming of beverages with can cause genetic variations in their adenosine receptors are prone to feeling increased anxiety . Larger doses of caffeine can even stimulate panic attacks.

Insomnia –

Energy drinks do a good job of keeping people awake, but when consumed too much, they can cause some people to miss sleep altogether. This lack of sleep causes impaired functioning and can be dangerous to health and concentrating tasks.

Diabetes –

Energy drinks contains very high sugar, which can eventually wear out the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, which leads to diabetes.

Addiction –

People nowadays are addicted to energy drinks.They cant eat food easily unless they have energy drink with them.It is same like drug addiction.This can lead to a lack of functioning of brain & body when unable to have the energy drink or financial stress from having to buy several energy drinks daily.

Vomiting –

Too many energy drinks can lead to vomiting. This causes dehydration and acid erosion of teeth and esophagus frequently.

Allergic Reactions –

Because of the many ingredients in energy drinks reactions could occur, from minor itching to breathing problems.

High Blood Pressure –

Caffeinated products like energy drinks can raise a person’s blood pressure. For those with normal blood pressure, this isn’t very concerning & dangerous, but those with already high/low blood pressure could be placing themselves at risk of stroke and other health issues related to hypertension if they consume too many energy drinks in a short period of time.

Stress Hormone Release –

A study conducted by The Mayo Clinic found that a 240 mg version o Energy Drink caused an increase in stress hormone release. The average norepinephrine (Stress Hormone ) level of the participants increased by 74% while the placebo(Sress Hormone ) only caused a 31% increase.

Mental Health Problems, Aggression, and Fatigue –

The Studies & Surveys found that soldiers who drink 2+ energy drinks a day are more likely to exhibit mental health issues, aggression, and fatigue.

Cardiac Arrest –

This Caffeine Calculator can show people how many energy drinks at one time would not be harmful, this formula doesn’t apply to everyone. Those with involving heart conditions have gone into cardiac arrest after just a few energy drinks.Be sure to know your heart’s health, before drinking energy drinks or caffeine, .A new study showed that energy drinks cause more forceful heart contractions, which could be harmful to some with certain heart conditions.- One study showed that between 2009 and 2011 there were 4000+ calls to poison control centers regarding energy drinks. 51% of these calls were involving children..

Conclusion : In conclusion of this post i would say energy drinks are definitely injurious to your health in every way.There can be more dangers than listed above dangers.So avoid them or consume less on a daily basis.All Energy drinks contains too much sugar in it.As you know sugar called as white crystal poison .So, be serious about your health for your loved ones.Thanks!


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