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Careem Vs Uber

For me, both careem and Uber services are similar to help people to travel easily. I aint a very frequent traveler, but I did experience both the Uber and Careem along with my friends often. I would like to list few of my findings based on that.

1. Firstly , Uber seems to have the GPS data directly from the Goolge , Which is probably don’t show accurate locations in often times.On the Other hand Careem have their own location mapping system which works quite better than Uber.
2. Careem Captains are much more friendly than Uber Drivers. I heard Careem provide separate training sessions for their Captans in order to deal with the fellow travelers in a professional way which is a quite good thing.
3. The best thing I have noticed is that Careem drivers are always worried about the customer preference which seems like good.I heard they do ask you about,AC temperature, Radio channel preferences & they do even offer mineral water. But I have not received any kind of luxuries from an Uber.
4. In terms of Booking procedure and app usage Uber performs a bit better than Careem. Uber has a better User friendly app appearance and booking could be done in a matter of seconds.
When it comes to cost Uber is a reasonable. Careem Usually charge a bit extra because they do offer a premium service compared to Uber ,Careem aslo Introduced Bike and Rickshaw service in Pakistan. .
5. Both the companies are offering great services programs community services to create a buzz in the town. Careem usually be the top list because they prefer to engage a lot with the society than others in the market.

Conclusion :

Lastly , we must understand both the services are still in development phases and they need to get better. In my personal opinion I would go for Careem as my first selection In Pakistan . I hope both the parties are keep eyeing on the customer experience and feedback to make it as a better service.

All you have to do is just download the app and start book your cab and share your experience.

Regards : U^_^sman Peace Out Everyone 🙂

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