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Cheap Hobbies You Can Learn While You’re Under Self-Isolation !

Almost In every country in this World people are now being forced to work from home or stay at home because of the spreading of COVID-19 Pandemic Disease.We already wrote some blogs on how to pass your time and which TV series to watch in this Self- Quarantine.So,Today we will discuss about some cheap hobbies that you can choose to pass your time instead of sitting in front of TV all day.In Benefit with these exercise you can learn something new to give your brain a bit of a workout.

– Book Reading –

Grab a nice book or a few and sit in your lawn if you have one in relaxing atmosphere and to analyze the calmness around you because you can never have these perks in your practical life.

– Cooking –

Golden Opportunity for every men to show some skills in kitchen as well if you want to and plus give some break to your women and other members to just sit and watch you cooking.Even i also love cooking and doing dishes sometime to help my mother because i ain’t n married yet Thank God ! .Apart from Joke do try this you will love it cooking is fun.

– Knitting –

This Hobby is for our females visitors but males can also do this if they want to learn something new and creative plus after that they can add one more skill to their CV’s. Needle felting is so relaxing even you can do this while watching TV or listening to your favorite music.There are plenty online tutorials on internet and knitting does demand you to old. I can assure you that.


– Meditation –

Yeah you Read that write calling meditation a hobby is little odd but its free .you can start right now & it will change your life .Find some calm place sit down there and focus on your breathing if you notice you’re no longer focusing on your breathing ,bring it will quite your mind and help you out with your anger management & issues too.Find some peace in yourself.


– Gardening –

Gardening does not demands a yard or some space in balcony but if you don’t have one is still not a problem.Plenty of herbs love sitting in pots in the sun and tomatoes, cherries do well in such contained places.we have been studying this hobby from our childhood but i never paid attention to it.Its a worthy time pass activity .


– Art Stuff –

You can choose any hobby related to art like painting,sew ,making some thing use able from cardboard’s etc etc.It is a cheap hobby because you can recycle your old things.It makes person creative and allow him to observe things differently.


– Calligraphy –

Calligraphy is an amazing hobby & skill.It can help develop your writing neat & beautiful. it will definitely help you in developing your mind for writing purposes.


– Writing –

Writing poems,fictions,fantasies,short stories or your own life journal.It’s a nice way to relax and get lost in something you’re working on.I used to write journal of my life but since in my practical life i was not able to do so but now i will definitely consider it in this free time for sure.It improves your writing skills and makes your vocabulary pretty good.I must say you guys should also consider it this time.


– Drawing –

Grab paper,pencil or cardboard or start drawing on walls unless you have practiced it a lot on paper otherwise you might hear a lot from your mother.Drawing is a good hobby for expressing your feelings or emotions on to the paper.I love drawing too i can say that from my experience you will be good in drawing in just 14 days and it is cheap as well.


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Conclusion : There are plenty other hobbies as well like Exercise.Programming.Embroidery etc etc.Now we want to hear from you !.How are you gonna spend your time during this self isolation.Do share with us in comments we will appreciate it ! Thanks .


9 thoughts on “Cheap Hobbies You Can Learn While You’re Under Self-Isolation !

  1. Reading is a beneficial hobby because it provides you to think broader and helps you to acquire knowledge visually.
    However, It is said that a person who reads books considered an intellectual person. So I prefer to adopt this hobby.

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