childern waiting for Messi outside camp nou!!

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Messi didn’t reported to his health check as expected but fans still had hope high but after this the remaining hopes have died and it looks more then certain that Messi is going to leave no matter what as he is fed up and not want to do any thing with the club but it is not true as Messi still didn’t openly announced his departure to his fans some still think it is his plan to pressure the Barcelona board as much as he can as to get the result that favor Barcelona.

Children waited outside the Camp Nou to get a glimpse of Messi, but he didn’t show up for his PCR test. They were sitting outside waiting for the goat to arrive but their ambition didn’t came true as he didn’t showed. and it was a not a situation a die hard fan wants to see.The fans still cant believe this is happening as they console their self more news regarding Messi leaving are coming making it more than certain that his departure is now more than going to happen.




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