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Depression into Motivation

Motivation: What is Motivation, it is desire of something you want and love from heart.

If you are demotivated or depressed and are in lookout for motivation, you read quotes you watch motivational videos. No doubt they are great, but it does not fit the definition.

Sure you look for positivity when you are surrounded in darkness thus you try what other people would do in my situation .It is ok to see examples but to totally apply it on your self does not help a lot.

Motivation is what you desire not other people so be yourself  and do not care about the world. The world will not remember why you wore a shirt inside out they will remember what you did on purpose. So make sure what goals you want to achieve no matter what happens you know what you want to do, what to become. And you will notice the shirt you wore inside out was nothing and it does not matter the shirt you wore wrong was a just a distraction from your goal but if you have clear mindset it would not matter a lot just stay focused. I know it is easier said then done but try and keep trying if you don’t try, then how would you know it is is good or bad for you.

Conclusion: The world is not waiting for you to come and play with. It wants you to fall but falling is nothing until you don’t learn to stand back and tell the world this who I am. So get up and do what you love and don’t care about the world as they are just failure and are waiting for you to come join them.

Bonus: Share your feeling with someone close. Trust me it helps a lot, Good luck.


Peace: Irtiza Qasim




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