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Google stadia a new generation of gaming?

The next generation of gaming is here and it is called Google stadia, which completely changes the course of history as it is the next big step in the making of an absolute gaming setup.

Advantage: More and more organizations are attempting to limit the equipment and stadia has quite recently demonstrated it is conceivable to reduce the hardware to a specific level where there is no need of an appropriate pc and console.

Released date: Google stadia was released in November this year(2019).

Availability in Pakistan: Question in the minds of all people from Pakistan is that will it be available in Pakistan and on what price?

Ans: yes it will be available in Pakistan and it would have a subscription package with $9.99 per month and it comes round about Pak Rs. 1548.74

Accessories: The accessories will include a remote control with a price tag of Pak Rs 10,696

Conclusion: The race is on between the large establishments of gaming network as everyone is keen on simplification of their setup and attempt to grab the eye of the buyer and give the best and most recent innovation.

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