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How to pass time in Self-Quarantine?

Corona virus haven’t we heard a lot about this in last few weeks. This word constantly haunts us like it is following us. Quarantine is another word heard many times whether by means of news or mobile in conversation with other.

As it is prescribed by professional’s to prevent further spread of this virus, self-quarantine is key. And rightly so in this time when there is no official treatment this sounds the best way to control this pandemic.

Questions arises in one’s mind what to do in this time when everybody is in their homes?, How to pass time?.so for this purpose I have made list of things you could in this fee time.

1-Pray to Allah to forgive us for our sins!

2-This pandemic has shut down many industries their workers are fired and in this time they acquire some help. If corona doesn’t kill them one thing for sure kill them and that’s  hunger so please be aware of your surrounding and people that live around or close to, you should Contact the authorities because they will handle this situation better then you there is no need to step outside your house just let the people the experts take care of the situation but please help others in any way you can in this disaster.

3- Pick up a hobby like a task you always wanted to do but didn’t had the time for now you have the time you need so what are you waiting for get cracking.

Suggestions (select projects that can be done in your home and does not require to go out of your home or any place you’re staying at).

4-A lot of us couldn’t meet our families for long long times because of our busy schedule but now if your with your loved ones spend some quality time with them.

5-If you like TV serials or any kind of entertainment try watching different genera other then your interests it’s like exploring new galaxy not really your just watching some season on your couch, but the point is watch something other than your interests  and you don’t know if it’s worth it until you watch it

6-Play video games most you are familiar with it so it does not need any explanation.

7-If you are far away from your loved ones stay in contact with them they can be worried about you and in this time you really need some interaction with your loved ones.

8-For students if you don’t have grip on particular subject try getting control on that by studying,its better than doing nothing,do not waste your time.

Conclusion :There are many ways we can distract our self from all this intense situation and just chill for a while ,we just need to look for them.

Note stay safe pray to Allah and stay awake of you surrounding you never know who needs your help.


6 thoughts on “How to pass time in Self-Quarantine?

  1. I never have seen such kind of blogs in which content writer highlighted that we should down our knees in front of Almighty Allah and remaining other tips are useful too. The way you write interesting blogs on every situation helps us what should we do in the meantime.
    Thank you very much keep it up.

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