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Life After Death! ( The Islamic View of the After Life)

Lets Start!  

The Dead man does not realize he/she is dead initially. He/she feels himself weeping, bathed, tied and descended into the grave. 

He/she feels like its is a dream and later he/she will wake up and everything will be alright but that’s not the case this time. 

When people buried them in their grave, he/she screams but no one hears their shout. 

After sometime, when everyone is dispersed and he/she is left alone under the ground, Allah Restore their soul. He/she opens their eyes and wakes from their “bad dream”. 

At first, he/she was glad and grateful that what he/she was experiencing was a nightmare, and now the nightmare is over. Then they touched their body which was just covered in 2 – 3 pieces of cloth while asking in surprise “where is my shirt!” “where are my other clothes?”. Then he /she had the feeling “where am I”?. “What is this place?”  so dark and scary.

“why the smell of soil and mud everywhere?” 

Then they began to realize that he/she are buried underground, and what they were  experiencing was not a dream at all!. 


Yes now they realized he/she was really dead and all that was not a dream!. 

He/she starts shouting out loudly as they could, calling his/her closest people who they thought could save them. 

No one answers them. They then remembers that Allah (GOD) is the only hope at that instance, crying and calling him while asking for forgiveness. “yaa Allaaaaaaaah”…. “yaa Allaaahhh”. 

Forgive me 

“ya Allah”, he/she shouts. 

He /she shouts in an unbelieveable fear that they had never felt before, when they were alive.  

If he/she was a good person and they did good deeds in their life span and obeyed the orders of Allah. 

The two angels with a smiling face will sit them down comfort them, then give them the best service untill the day of judgement comes. 

If he/she was not a good person and didnt obeyed the orders of Allah. 

The two angels will increase his fear and torture them according to their bad deeds. 

Oh Allah forgive our sins!  

Ya Allah, do not take our life’s unless we r ready to meet you. 


Conclusion :

Share this knowledge with all your friend, brothers, sisters and with your family as much as you can inshaaAllah it’s gonna be useful to them. “Turn to Allah before you return to Allah” 

Peace Out! 



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