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Messi to Manchester city FC?what did their chairman said?

Barcelona have found themselves in a situation no club wants themselves to be and the fans are asking for a drastic change as the only solution but it is not that  easy as Bartomeu is not keen on leaving. Election is next year the candidates of the next election are also asking him to go.

Some people are just hoping for the best, and think Messi will not leave he’s just doing it to express his anger towards the board and wants some change. Fans are clearly saying it is simple just sack Bartomeu out,and are people asking for these changes as soon as possible.

How much is the chance there that Messi will leave according to my guess 65% is the chance that Messi the goat will leave and you’ll think why would the club manager or the club let him go and there is a surprising fact that changes everything there is a clause in Messi’s contract that let him leave on zero transfer money at the end of each season. And the fact that maybe the club thinks it will help their financials problems as Messi wants to leave.

A protest was seen from Barcelona fans that is not happened in million years indicating the fans are not happy they don’t like the situation they been told the club is going through and like others they demand board changes.

The most interested club in getting the goat as of now looks to be man city as their chairman came out and some of the points were that they are looking to make changes to their transfer tactic he said our priority is to target player with age of 20 to 25 but they don’t want to restrict themselves if some good opportunity comes they will try to take it. Some fans are connecting it with Messi but others are saying man city is also trying to get koulibaly age with age 29.

This is whats happening in the footballing world and what do you think of this tell us in the comments.

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