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New Trick to Change Voice Message to Text In WhatsApp !

WhatsApp is the biggest & undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging & calling Application. It offers users to connect with their loved ones with various means of communication like text messages, Voice calls, Video call & Voice messages. The voice message is a very useful method because some users don’t like to chat a lot and are not keypad warriors. So, they simply convey their message through voice and plus it also useful for the people who don’t know how to write messages and cant write it. That is why we are sharing this trick for the ease of the users listening to voice messages. As we know sometimes users are in a public place & don’t have earphones with them to listen to the voice messages & they can’t take the risk of playing their private voice messages out loud. Well, we have got a piece of good news for the users facing this issue. Thus, We bring to you our guide on how to convert voice messages to text on android with an easy trick. Lets Start!

Step 1:

Download the apk file for Transcriber for WhatsApp from here on your android device,

Step 2:

Open up the App and swipe away the various welcome cards. Tap on “Done” in the bottom-right corner to continue.

Step 3:

Now that The Application is installed on your device. Simple open up the WhatsApp chat and find out the voice message you want to convert. Tap and hold down the voice message and select it, then click the share button now you will see many listed options in which the transcriber option is present as well select it and you’re good to go.


Yeah you got it so easy and simple it was now the App will automatically convert your voice message to text & will display it on the screen.


Note: There are plenty of other languages available you can change settings according to your own choice. Visit the settings and you will be able to see all options there.

Note: I Tried this on my mobile it worked just fine and this is why I am recommending for you to try it. It will be quite handy for you in the future.

It can be done on IOS devices as well. You just need to follow the same steps but will be a different application than “Transcriber”.The app on the app store will look like the following in the picture. :

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Conclusion: Just like we promised we will be sharing new tricks and tips about WhatsApp that can help our visitors out there. This trick is quite helpful & we hope it may help you in the future. Do share it with your loved ones. Thanks!

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