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New WhatsApp Feature Could Come Very Soon !

WhatsApp has been a massively popular Application of keeping in touch with people because of its popular features, but few users would deny that there’s room for improvement in a few areas.By knowing & Keeping an eye on beta versions of the app is a great way to get an idea of what new feature is going to come in future, and to get glimpse of upcoming features before the update notification for all WhatsApp users.


WhatsApp is working on a new feature that might concern many users around the globe. The instant messaging application may soon allow users to access the same WhatsApp account or using WhatsApp with same number from multiple devices. So far Right now, WhatsApp does not permit a single account on multiple devices. The only exception being the WhatsApp Web feature which can only be accessed on browsers and doesn’t function when the smartphone is not online or not connected to internet.

The new feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo in a beta version of the application. The version 2.20.110 beta for Android comes with feature but it is still inactive and not usable. The latest version, even for beta testers will also not be able to access the new feature. The website that spotted the new feature claims that users will be notified every time a contact in any of their groups has added a new device which is quite good.The encryption key changes every time a new device is added to the account.

The new version has put some light on the feature that was earlier mentioned as “disappearing messages”. The latest version has now named it as “expiring messages”. As the name suggests, these messages will be deleted automatically after a specific period of time. Within groups, the feature can only be used by the admins of the group. Expiring messages will be highlighted in the chat list with the use of an icon on the display picture of the group or individual user.

This WhatsApp’s new multiple device feature is a long way from a stable update and the company might make massive changes to the feature before the official launch all around the world.

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Conclusion : It will be a handy feature for all the user out there.As most of the people might want to use same WhatsApp on multiple devices for their ease to share it with other.Lets wait & see when this feature will be launched.Thanks !

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