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La Liga is now entering its final phases and the top two real Madrid and Barcelona are fighting each other to the top till now it has not been less then a roller coaster and no firm predictions can be made.

Looks like Real Madrid has the easy run as their remaining  matches are not the toughest teams of this season as  Lagenes at 19 , and Espanyol at 20 and Granada at ninth position Getafe at fifth athletic club at 10 and Alaves at 13  and the other hand Barcelona are in for a treat as they are facing Celta Vigo at 16, Villarreal at sixth , Atletico Madrid at third, Espanyol at 29, Valladolid at sixth, Alaves at 13 and Osauna at 11 . If we just perceive the upcoming matches it can be easily said that the real Madrid are on easy side and Barcelona are on the hard one but considering the most important threat , Atletico Madrid Barcelona have won against Atletico in this season with a Messi’s  goal in 86th minute and this shows that barca side is ready to compete fact that both teams have matches against teams that can prove an hindrance to their road to victory

As of now no team can the luxury to lose points and as the season continues  so as the fans expectation with their teams nothing can be said or predicted as the outcome of these matches are a bumpy  ride for the fans.

While talking to some barca fans they shared with us their views:

Some said barca are not in a position to win, some are more hopeful and see the glass half full and said ” we will fight back” and some were not happy with the latest sighing and hope that it will work for them .all in all mixed feelings are coming from barca fans..

Conclusion : As the fire is on and the league matches are looking to take a wild turn and matches progress until now no one can state which team will take it home but fans are with high hopes at both sides.



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