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PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming !

From the old days of gaming, it was all about the Console Gaming. Nintendo vs Sega. Nintendo vs Sony. With the most
advanced & more recent generations, the Console Wars have become something closer to Sony vs Microsoft, with Nintendo focusing only on providing its own experiences… but now, consoles aren’t the only fighters in the area.

PC gaming has now entered the race now.Before it was PS4 vs Xbox One Now it is PC Vs Xbox One Vs PS4. PC has suddenly started competing with consoles in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Today we’re going to discuss where the contenders stand as of late 2019 & the start of 2020 and the current console generations PS4/Xbox One , and we’re going to tackle the battle from every possible perspective for you.

Enough chatter. Let’s start discussing about the pros and cons of both PC gaming and console gaming.

Pricing –

The easiest way to start is the price. If you simply can’t afford to spend any more money,. If you have a moderate budget, a console may be the immediate easy choice.

Getting set up with a gaming PC that can handle most modern games reliably can easily cost you around $800-$1000. You can build cheaper PCs, but you are compromising on what makes a gaming PC so great – high quality graphics and great frame rate.

You also have to factor in a gaming mouse, keyboard, and a good monitor if you haven’t bought one already.

For a console, it’s easy to get set up by buying one of the many console bundles out there, you can pay upto $300 to $400 to get a new console, a game, and a controller. Pay just a little more and you can get the more powerful Xbox One X or PS4 Pro varieties.

As you can see, the difference in price is quite large. Paying more for the PC has its benefits, and we’ll talk more about this below, but if you just want to play some video games without extra struggle or money, a console is the best choice.Now it is upto you which one is you gonna buy.


Upgradability –

PCs and consoles, can upgrade their internal hard drives. As of the most recent console era, they can also use external hard drives.

Consoles have some limitations here, at least in terms of internal storage: they can only take 2.5-inch drives. Not only are these usually more expensive for the same amount of storage, they’re also slower (in the case of 2.5 HDDs) or vastly more expensive per-gig (in the case of 2.5 SSDs).

In terms of upgrading your internal storage or drives, PC has much more options for internal storage. In terms of everything else.
Yeah , PC wins this. You can’t change or upgrade anything inside your console, much less open it up without voiding your warranty. You can repair and upgrade and change your PC all you like you can even build one from scratch if you want!


Performance and Graphics –

This is where the PC Gaming really has an upper hand apart from the consoles. Once you play a video game on a PC with a crisp frame rate and ultra graphics There will be no way you’ll want to choose console over PC.

The Big Problem is, to get a high frame rate and the highest graphics, you’ll often need to spent out over $1,000. You will need a high end graphics card, a high end processor, SSD storage, and a good amount of RAM.

The thought you get what you pay for is very true here. You can pay $300-$400 for a PC, but the performance and graphics may even be worse than a PS4 or Xbox One X.

Pay around $700-$1000 and you will have a decent PC that can play most games at a reasonable frame rate better than what a console can offer.

For hardcore gamers, this investment is reasonable & acceptable. If you’re new to gaming, investing so much may seem unsettling.


Console Accessibility –

Software –

Software wise, console has a definite advantage in accessibility because you don’t need to worry about driver installs or game patching or anything like that you just plug & play in a minute, you occasionally have to download updates. There is almost no disturbance between you and the game, from a software perspective, when you’re playing on console.

Hardware –

Hardware wise is a different story. Most console games don’t offer the ability to rebind in game controls and neither Nintendo or Sony offer adaptive controllers for disabled gamers.

PC Accessibility –

Software –

Software wise… PC loses in this thing, hard. Even in the best case scenarios, you are still going to eventually need to tweak and fix something. That’s the price of PC Gaming variety and freedom a lot of extra alteration.

Hardware –

Hardware wise, PC wins. In addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, almost every PC game out there offers control Portability , and you can really play with .

Warranty and Repairs –

PC Warranty –

Speaking of warranty, warranties are pretty strong for PC platform gaming. If you built your own PC all by yourself or help from shop, each of your individual parts have their own warranties and return policies, usually covering you for anywhere from 2-3 years. With pre built PCs, this span of time is usually lowered to 1-2 years.

Console Warranty –

All three main consoles offer a 1 year warranty.

Repairs are confusing. You’re definitely allowed to upgrade your internal drives (at least on PS4 and Xbox One on Switch, you are limited to an SD card), and until recently all console manufacturers restricted you from making your own repairs.


PC vs Console Gaming: Final Verdict

Lets Finish this Battle now for good.

Pricing –

  • Winner: Used PC Hardware
  • Runner-Up: Used Consoles

Exclusive Games –

  • Winner: N/A (personal taste)

VR Gaming –

  • Winner: PC (power), PSVR (price)

Upgradability –

  • Winner: PC
  • Runner-Up: PlayStation and Xbox Tie

Backwards Compatibility –

  • Winner: PC
  • Runner-Up: Xbox

Warranty and Repairs –

  • Winner: PC
  • Runner-Up: Nintendo and Sony

Control Methods –

  • Winner: PC
  • Runner-Up: Nintendo

Accessibility –

  • Winner: PC (hardware), consoles (software)
  • Runner-Up: Xbox (hardware), PC (software)

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Conclusion : In Conclusion we would suggest a console gaming for those who are new to gaming and their budget is modest. PC Gaming Experience is quite Exceptional but only if you want to get more seriously involved with your video game hobby.We hope the information we have provided has helped. Share it with your loved ones .Thanks !




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