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silly question part 2 Can human live on Mars?کیا انسان مریخ پر زندہ رہ سکتا ہے؟

I am back with another silly question this time somewhat understandable and the question is Can Human or any life live on mars.

According to the information I found on the wondrous world of internet there are certain factors that can be utilized to form a habitat on mars which include oxygen, I do not know it seems important lol. Water and other important are stuff are required I do not want to go deep and use complex wordings, but I can say there are some traces of water on Mars but it not enough to sustain a large civilization.


Hindrance: There is some obstacle that needs to be tackled.


The average temperature on Mars in about Average -81 degrees F and in comparison to earth Average -81 degrees F there must be a way to sustain such temperature in which humans can live.


Thinner atmosphere:

Our atmosphere is quite dense with compare to mars it protects us from the dangerous radiations coming from space.but with compared to mars thin layer from which more radiation can reach the surface .in order to protect from this radiation the protection between you and the radiation should be 15 centimeters of steel, 1 meter of rock, or 3 meters of water.


Getting to Mars is not now the seems to be possible because in few years we will be able to achieve the right tech but the next big hurdle is making it efficient with respect both with money and time. the crewed landing on Mars is expected to be around average trip to mars will likely to cost 4 billion dollars!!.special vacuum generated chamber or buildings would be required with all the materials required for humans.

Possibility: it is now more than certain that humans are going to land on Mars and looking at the current situation we can easily summarize that your birth certificate will now likely include the planet in it as soon as a first child is born on mars or any other planet.

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