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Some Great TV Series to Watch During the Corona Virus Quarantine !

COVID-19 Outbreak has caused so much tension around the globe and forced every country affecting from it to locked down everything except medical stores, hospitals & grocery stores only important official offices will remain open during this time.People staying at home during this self isolation have got once in a life time opportunity to stay at home ,lying in front of TV to safe the world & to help stop spreading this pandemic disease.So we have selected some great TV series for you that you can watch on TV all day to pass this Quarantine.

Sense 8 –

In this Sense 8 series eight people around the globe suddenly become telekinetically linked to each other, and able to feel each other’s deepest emotions like pain,love & fear. It’s more of a character study looking at how people connect with each other through empathy. It’s a beautiful creation, filmed in nine cities, with two splendid seasons and one with one splendid finale. And while it’s now finished, it’s still well worth your undivided attention.From the Academy Award winning directors and writers of The Matrix comes this mind blowing globe,trotting, sci-fi romp.We are saying this from our own experience so give it a try .


Seasons on Netflix: 2

Stranger Things –

Netflix’s sentimental sci-fi series is back for its third season. The show starts things up in 1985 with El, Mike and the gang.Meanwhile, in Hawkins, things have taken a frightening turn as the town’s residents start to find themselves under the influence of a strange thing, a supernatural force. Oh, and that’s because of the Russian scientists trying to open a hole into the Upside Down. This series is doing great by centering the action on the endlessly endearing relationship between the young characters, while destruction looms in the backward.We are watching this nowadays a wistful series .Do give it a try as well .

Seasons on Netflix: 3

Peaky Blinders –

Peaky Blinders follows the Shelby family crime , led by Tommy shelby (Cillian Murphy) the master mind of the family , in post-war Birmingham (UK). With double-crossings, family drama and political issues, this is a proper class show that’s designed to show the myth of British history in the way that Deadwood does for American history.
The series begins in 1919. with later seasons jump forward the time .One of our favourite series on nteflix. Originally planned as a five-season show, Peaky Blinders season 6 is now in the works, likely for 2021.

Seasons on Netflix: 5

Breaking Bad –

More addictive than the crystal meth pushed by Walt and Jesse, Breaking Bad is brilliant binge watching TV Series. The initial plot was simple, a straight clothing teacher is told he has cancer and to make sure he leaves his family, he instead turns to drug making and dealing.

There is method to his madness as he ends up being pretty good at it. Creator Vince Gilligan has created such a good group of characters & actors , he is currently mining the same world again with Better Call Saul, which arguably reaches similar heights and is also available on Netflix. Netflix has also released a movie sequel focused on Jesse in late 2019, El Camino.

Seasons on Netflix: 5 (and one movie)

Money Heist –

Money Heist is a Spanish TV heist crime drama series In this Series a group of unique robbers assault the Factory of Moneda and Timbre to carry out the most perfect robberies in the history of Spain and take home a lot billion euros.It is quite famous worldwide nowadays and people are loving it .It was first aired on spanish network Antena 3 from 2 May 2017 through 23 November 2017. Netflix acquired the global streaming rights in late 2017.Must watch Series.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

The Vampire Dairies –

The Vampire Diaries is a CW show. It’s not owned by Netflix but there’s a deal in place that allows Netflix to stream external shows like TVD in certain regions. When that contract comes to an end, those shows will either be renewed and live to stream another day, or they will be removed from the platform.It is still available on Netflix in some regions .This series consist of 8 seasons including 22,23 episodes in each season a very long series but worth watch it , loved this series & if you have not watched this series yet then go & watch now you will definitely love it .Beautiful characters ,amazing story and directed very well.Damon was one of my favorite character from this series.It is already finished now.

Seasons on Netflix: 8 (if not then will be available on internet for sure & other site)

The Flash  –

It is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, a costumed superhero crime fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds which we have seen in justice league cartoons in our childhood. The Flash is an American superhero television series , airing on The CW. It is also a CW series just Like TVD ,the Flash first premiered in North America on 7th October, 2014, where it became the second most watched series in the history of CW production , after The Vampire Diaries in 2009. It has received many critics from audience but still won the People’s Choice Award for ‘Favorite New TV Drama’ in 2014. A worth watch series without any doubt for passing some time at home. 

Seasons on Netflix: 5

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Conclusion : We brainstormed our mind and comes to the conclusion of some famous and great TV series enlisted above.We hope you like this series if you decide to watch them during self isolation.

PS : Do Pray to God to have mercy on us and forgave our sins We can pass this difficult time together and we must follow the advice from government to stay at home for some time and avoid any kind of gatherings.Thanks

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