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Sugary Soft Drinks Are Bad For Your Health !

Soft Drinks have become so much popular in youth. They consumes it in excessive amount which is not good for their health.Nowadays a lot of people’s dinner or lunch is incomplete without it.Today we will discuss about the harms it can do to your health.

When used in excess, added sugar can negatively affect your health.However, some sources of sugar are worse than others and sugary soft drinks are by far the worst.This applies essentially to soft drinks but also to fruit juices, highly sweetened coffees, and other sources of liquid sugar.

Here are some reasons that sugary soda is bad for your health :

Gain in weight –

The most common form of added sugar are sucrose or table sugar which supplies large amounts of the simple sugar fructose.

Fructose does not lower the hunger hormone ghrelin or stimulate fullness in the same way as glucose, the sugar that forms when you digest starchy foods.Starch is a substance that is found in foods such as pasta,bread, potatoes & rice .

So, when you consume liquid sugar, you usually add it on top of your total calorie intake because sugary drinks don’t make you feel full .

In one study, people who drank sugary soft drinks in addition to their current diet consumed 17% more calories than before .

Not surprisingly, studies show that people who drink sugar sweetened beverages consistently gain more weight than people who don’t because of excessive sugar in it.

In fact, sugary drinks are among the most fattening aspects of the modern diet that is why belly fat is becoming common in every human.

Fat in Liver –

Soft drinks are the easiest and most common way to consume excessive amounts of fructose.

When consumed too much, your liver becomes overloaded and turns the fructose into fat.Excessive amount of fructose may contribute to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

 Cause of Diabetes –

Diabetes could be a common illness, touching immeasurable folks over the world.It is characterized by elevated glucose because of insulin agent resistance or deficiency.
Since excessive fructose intense might cause insulin agent resistance, sadly that various studies link soda consumption to sort diabetes disease.
A recent study, that checked out sugar consumption and diabetes disease in a hundred seventy five countries, showed that for each one hundred fifty calories of sugar per day regarding one will of soda the chance of Diabetes disease inflated by one.1%.

No Healthy Ingredients but Sugar –

Sugary drinks & juices contains virtually no essential nutrients no vitamins, no minerals, and no fiber.

It applies nothing to your diet except excessive amounts of added sugar and unnecessary calories.

Increase in Heart Disease Risks –

Over 20 years the study claimed & research that 40,000 men that those who drank 1 sugary drink per day had a 20% higher risk of having or dying from a heart attack, compared to those who rarely consumed sugary drinks.
Excessive Sugar consumption has long been linked to heart disease risk. Soft Drinks definitely played part in damaging your health & causing heart attack risks.

Disaster for Dental Health –

It is a well-known fact that sugary soft drinks are bad for your teeth.

Soft Drinks contain acids like phosphoric acid and carbonic acid.

These acids create a highly acidic environment in your mouth, which makes your teeth vulnerable to decay.

Cause of Addiction –

It’s assured that soft drinks are an addictive substance.

Sugar in taking may cause dopamine release in the brain, giving a feeling of pleasure which can cause addiction to soft drinks.

Thus numerous studies suggest that sugar and junk foods, in general, affect your brain like hard drugs.

Sugary drinks have powerful effects on your brain’s reward system, which may lead to addiction.

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Prevention Of Pimples

Conclusion : We Hope After reading above information and facts about harms of soft drinks may help to leave the habit of it.Drinking high amounts of sugar-sweetened drinks such as soft drinks , Juices can have various adverse impacts on your health. So, if you want to lose weight then avoid drinking soft drinks.I personally don’t drink soft drinks for the sake of my health.we hope you do the same.Thanks !

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