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Top five underrated songs

The world is filled with great songs but some songs do not make into people’s playlist but have the potential to become one, these songs are underrated and deserve the best from the world here are the top five underrated songs.

No One: Jakubi – Couch Potato under.

Release date: Apr 22, 2015

Views: 1,469,573( on Youtube)

Vibes: This song gives a very distinct feeling that I don’t think I’ve heard else where. It gives you a feeling of moving in a street along with cool dance moves.


Here try it yourself:  


No Two: Milmine – Altered State of Mind.


Release date: Nov 14, 2017.


Views: 394,456 ( on Youtube)


Vibes: It gives you a feeling of hollowness. And takes you on another level of vibe.


Click to try yourself



No Three: Forrest. – Your Soul (ft. Biskwiq)


Release date: Jun 23, 2018


Views: 8,583,468 ( on Yutube)


Vibes: This song is a mix of hip hop with a slow track that does not make feel like it is being forced on you


Hear it yourself:


No Four: Still Woozy – Goodie Bag.


Release date: Jul 12, 2018


Views: 4,189,009 ( on Youtube)


Vibes: This song makes you to just stand up and start moving your arms in every direction.


Try it yourself:


No Five: Forrest. – Sunday (prod. biskwiq & Forrest.)


Release date: Jun 18, 2018


Views: 222,494 ( on Youtube)

Vibes: This song gives a pure feeling of a Sunday morning with a sunny day and you are just relaxing and having fun .

Try it yourself:

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