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Types of Youtubers / ROAST?

Disclaimer : This blog is only my perspective and it should not be taken seriously. And is not directed towards any body its only for laughs.


Gamer : Gamers on Youtube tend to play games that can catch viewers attention So they play save and play the games that are only trending  but they are some Gamers that make the game go on trending.

1):As I said before the gamers who only play trendy games.

2): A gamer who not plays game for views but who loves to play games and not consider trending as a factor


Vlogger : To be specific there are two types of vloggers.

1): Individual vlogger, (but has a lot of friends who compensate for having a family shown in vlogs)

2): Family vlogger, there whole family is born a vlogger and they are so natural at vlogging.

*Note Vloggers have a severe disease of flexing not all but 99.9 percent do


Roasters: These are  the youtubers who try to entertain people to put a smile on the faces of people not considering it will make the person there roasting sad.

*Note :Not all roast are bad or insulting but some roast are really need to be so it’s a win win situation.


The vines or skit channel: These are the channel who have certain amount of talent not saying other don’t but they make funny skits that people can relate to.


Commentary : These youtubers aren’t roasters or reviewer they are hybrid and nowadays it’s the most booming genera on YouTube as more and more individuals are trying to start a commentary channel.


Conclusion : No matter which type of youtuber there are, they are here to put a smile on our face and they are doing that for years sorry it got emotional but in the end they are all talentless people lol Just kidding. I know I didn’t cover every type.And no i am not a boomer.

PEACE:Irtiza Qasim

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