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Welcome Back Football !

Here we are back with a break over hundred days and just a football fan can inform their inclination concerning the time they had experienced now when they are back it is thought we are back on track but with few exceptions like close door matches but considering the time we had gone through it is much better than not having match we fans can’t wait. The matches are taking place quicker than you can count to one two three not really yet it feels like that and it looks our wait is paying off Bundesliga were the first to recommence their league matches then followed other leagues and more are on the way to resume.


Due to the present situation some changes are done Up to five substitutions are allowed and to look out for the player’s wellbeing many more changes are made including some changes about celebration players are asked to avoid hands contact so no more high fives among players and it is hard to recollect. as a player, because they are in a moment and a celebration comes from subconscious but a little time and they will grasp is not a rule but it eliminates any potential danger so I call it a not rule (get it? it is not a rule but a rule) that you need to follow for your own health. Tight schedules: in order to remunerate the time lost matches are held with a very little gap or break between them and it can have a drain physically and mentally on the players and keeping view the rule of five substitutions is created giving the coach more cards to play from. Conclusion: There is not much left to talk about but all I can say finally its back GAME ON!!!!!

Conclusion: And please look out for others as they may need you now and you may need them in the future. May ALLAH Almighty forgive us.

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