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What sports are favourite in some of the Asian countries!!!

Today we are going to look at which sport is prefer in the top 5 Asian countries  with respect to population and how much is it  true that Asian love cricket.we will take at look at the top 5 countries and their preferred sport.

Asia has 49 counties under its name one thing for sure they love sports.



1 China:


the population of china is 1,439,323,776 

National sports :  table tennis (ping pong)

Most popular sports:Table tennis and badminton are top  sports in china.


2 India:

population:the population:1,380,004,385

National sports:There is no official sports of India but it falls between cricket and hockey

Most popular sport:Cricket is the most popular sport of India the list also include hockey as one of its favorite sports.



3 Indonesia:

Population: The population of Indonesia 273,523,615

National sports: Badminton is the national game of Indonesia.

Most popular sport: Football is the most popular sport of Indonesia and on number two is badminton.

 4 Pakistan


The population of Pakistan is 220,892,340

National sport: Hockey 

Most popular sport:In Pakistan the most popular sport is cricket as expected to be as its neighboring country also have passion for this sport although hockey is the national sports .But cricket is not only the sport love by this country the list also include  field hockeypolo, and squash are also popular. Traditional sports like kabaddi and other well-known games are also played.



4 Bangladesh:

population:The population of Indonesia is 164,689,383

National sports: Kabaddi is Bangladesh’s national sport.

Most popular sport:Cricket is the most popular sport of Bangladesh.


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