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Who Will Win La liga This Year?

The tension is high in the football world as the champions themselves are facing challenges in laliga. The teams are up for the challenge but the raining champions do not look as impressive considering their reputation from past seasons. This Season is not going completely their way. The recent draw with Sevilla raised some questions regarding the team position and is the team ready for the more challenging time to come, where every game matters and no changes can be made. In the present situation, Real Madrid has set their eye on the top position as they are second on the table and not that behind. As a raining champion, the fans are not used to this type of thriller situation where their team is not in a good look. Pique in giving his views told “I think it’s going to be very difficult to win this league,” a dejected Pique told Movistar after the draw at the Sanchez Pizjuan. “It’s not in our hands anymore. We’re going to give everything possible, but I don’t imagine many points are going to be dropped.” Source ESPN This leaves a strong impact on the Barcelona fans as they are expecting more from the club and till now they are not able to satisfy their fans. Conclusion: Conclusion: NOTHING SEEMS CERTAIN AS THE LEAGUE PROGRESSES THE TENSION WILL INCREASE THEIR BARCELONA FANS ARE HOPING THEIR TEAM FIGHTS BACK UP AND THE TROPHY COMES HOME.

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