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Worlds Best Education System!

Information followed by practical is actual education

Our school systems are strictly teaching students but the point to ponder is that does teaching and instructing are the same statements. Does teaching students necessarily give them some knowledge. Well this depends upon your definition of knowledge in, Finland knowledge is that help the students to be more self-reliant meaning they are taught things that are required to live the current day.

Less private schools means the government has total control on the regulations.Former minister of education of Finland in giving interview blew away the minds of the world by unveiling the truth about their perfect school system and the recipe to their successful schooling programme was that students are not given home work.

Discrimination: There is no discrimination between rich and poor students both are taught same things and both are equally treated. All schools are equal. Every neighborhood school is best. In world parents search for institute’s with best education and provide the facilities. But in Finland every neighborhood school is equal there is not pressure of uncertainty. 

Education not business : In Finland education is not considered business it is not even considered close to business in their country because these are institutes that create their country and if involved in business they would lose control as in most country private schooling is emphasized because they have better facilities but in Finland only three percent of their student population goes to private school and even most of these schools are government funded. Achieving this is hard as the country’s economy should be strong enough to keep up the pressure and still provide facility. 

Student centered : The students are treated like children there are not pressurized by their studies they are very little deviated by their daily life and fitting education in their life schedule is the art Finland has mastered and other countries should learn from them.  

Teachers are respected : there was a rumor concerning that teachers are equally paid as doctors. This is not true but the gap between is not too big. If the teacher is satisfied they are more efficient try to give everything they can give back and only way they can do that is by giving knowledge. 


Social life : Every person works best if he/she is not depressed and sad and this adds to a big factor regarding the teaching of students. Finland not only has flourished in its education but also has also become the top country regarding the happiness index. In their country people are pleased by their progress individually and as well collective Finland has greatly  decreased corruption in its country which is another factor of their success. 

Conclusion: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin franklin



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